So you heard about the hash from a friend and you want to be a part of it because of the running, the drinking, the fun or any other reason that pushed you to join the hash...well let's start from the beginning and check out the sections of the menu to the left to get the big picture of who are we, what we do and whom do you have to contact for extra details. 

The Hash House Harriers, commonly abbreviated to H3, is an international, but loosely connected, organization of social running groups.

These groups meet at regular intervals to partake of a little exercise followed by some serious socializing.


Our premise is simple, one harrier (the hare) lays a trail of flour over a course (s)he chooses. The other harriers (the hounds) try to follow that trail to the end where we enjoy beer (or soft drinks for those disinclined to imbibe). The typical hash is 7 km over hill and dale, through suburbs, woods, malls, et al. The runs usually last about an hour, during which you will follow a previously prepared trail. This trail contains a number of  Check Points and False Trails which are designed to keep the runners and the walkers amongst the group together.  If you can run, stagger, walk or crawl you are up to the job! In fact, its totally Non-Competitive. "Run for Fun" is our motto, as "running" is just a figure of speech.


The hash isn't a race - no prizes to the swift. Following the trail is the challenge, camaraderie and beverages are the rewards.


After these runs we will head off to an inexpensive local restaurant.


Just "show up" to Join 

​​No "joining" required to be a member- just show up and (probably) won't be sorry you did!  The cost is 80 RMB for guys, 60 RMB for ladies and 30 RMB for children big enough to occupy a bus seat. The fee includes bus, run, water, soft drinks and all the beer you want (or don't want) to drink!


We run-off every Saturday at 1 pm from Snake Pit Bar.